Who can help?

I ask Myself, but my Heart kept wondering

Only to realize that the WORLD

The world, a place that never guarantees permanent conditions

Time to Laugh

Time to cry

Seasons of low

Moments of High……….

I sit On my couch and to say to myself

“o boy you have gone through a lot of Shit”

Who can help i asked,

But now i know the World Never guarantee Permanent condition

So Enjoy Life to the Fullest and Forgive those that makes you cry

Embrace those that makes you smile



By Adade Oluwatosin


Sometimes we have to hide our feelings,

because the people we have the feelings for,

may never understand how much we care about them……..

By Adade Oluwatosin


Human will always be Human

No matter how you try to satisfy them,

No matter how caring you are,

No matter how important you made them part of you

No matter how much you pray for them

No matter how much you Feed them

No matter how much you tell them you love them

No matter how patient you are with them

No matter how Nice you are to them

No matter who You are, Human will always be human.

They tend to change, even after all you’ve done for them.

Now i worry less, because i got to understand that CHANGE IS CONSTANT.

Trust but don’t Trust Too Much, i bet you won’t Get Hurt.

If only you understand all i have been writing that Human would Always be Human

FINALLY…I am done with my past and I am not going to fuss over it anymore.

I will not stress and cry over the people who left me and I will not waste my precious time to prove my worth to random people.

I made mistakes, learned from them and shaped up my personality.

I am not going to sit around and brood over people who mistreated me.

I promise to stay strong and not allow to be victimized.

So My dear Friends, do not trust People 100%

They might betray and make you feel Helpless and Hopeless,

These happens must Times when You gave them all Of You.

My heart got a lot to say but let me drop my Pen for Now.


By Adade Oluwatosin